Pharmaceutical-grade food supplement for cellular repair and immune boosting

MG4K is a botanical preparation made with a unique blend of plant food and 100% natural organic made into a capsule. 500mg of capsule contain both macro and microelements required to maintain healthy cells. The main idea of the formulation of MG4K is to find a solution as a protective mechanism to provide optimum nutrients for fast producing white blood cells to maintain cell vitality. This formulation is well suited to battle against the Covid-19 disease as a protector and also if entered it can suppress the activity of the virus invasion by maintaining healthy white blood cells to fight against the virus.

The ingredients are selected to protect and fast repair internal organs that are targeted by the SARS- Cov-2 virus. Fast production of immune cells due to high demand to fight against the virus requires a continuous supply of building blocks that can be only supplied with the food component. MG4K is designed to supply this requirement most efficiently by including all necessary natural molecules to support all the cellular mechanisms. It also carries anti-inflammatory components as an added advantage to protect cells. While safeguarding internal organs, our formula helps in the coagulation pathway and also increase oxygen delivery to cells. Ingredients in MG4K is highly effective for respiratory, digestive, circulatory, skeleton and nervous system.

The design of the MG4K food supplement is a promising way to maintain a healthy internal body and avoid disease progression into the level of invasion by cytokines due to immune response. Each capsule of MG4K will keep providing necessary molecules with less digestive intervention and easily absorb to cope with the demand for cellular repair caused by viral damage.

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Herbal medicine in capsules from moringa


Restore freedom and good health globally

One of the most striking features of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is the exceptional breadth of symptoms it causes in people. Of the nearly 30 million recorded infections to date, the vast majority of people experienced mild or moderate disease that can range from asymptomatic to pneumonia or long-term, debilitating neurological symptom.

Our aim of forming this company is triggered by the alarming pandemic that has caused many deaths and also destruction to the global economy. Our team feels the necessity for humans to be free again and to become more healthy individuals with a strong immune system to stand against any microbiological invasions even in the future.



For general health & wellness and Covid-19 positive individuals

PCR positive – 3 times a day, taken with meals for 3 months


High risk – 2 times a day, taken with meals for 3 months or more


General – 1 time a day, taken for 3 months or more

Please refer to the dosage structure for further details